Pyro Mini Fireshooter

You won’t need to roll a 1d4 with the new Pyro Mini. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot fireballs from your empty hands — and who hasn’t — the Pyro is your go-to device. Those familiar with the original Pyro will notice marked improvements including a sexy slim profile complete with USB charging that eliminates the need for bulky batteries. Pyro straps to your wrist via an adjustable, detachable strap and unleashes its fiery cargo with the push of a secret button located on the palm. You can even shoot two fireballs at the same time. The secret to Pyro is a specially treated tissue paper that burns extremely quickly providing a burst of fire. A comprehensive video download is also provided to instruct would-be magicians how to safely operate this magic missile launcher.

Learn more at Ellusionist – $147