Prynt Pocket Review

Polaroid cameras were a thing of the past, but not anymore with the Prynt Pocket from Prynt. Prynt Pocket is a medium sized add on device, that plugs into a range of iPhones that have a Lightning port. In this review, we are going to cover things from the packaging, to using the device, and everything in between.

I always appreciate the packaging in products that we test and review. I feel if a company has looked after the design and aesthetic of the packaging then their product will have the same care. The box the Prynt Pocket comes in a stylish white and orange box with a really well put together lid. As you open, your brand new Prynt is sitting there. The paper cartridge, micro USB cable, quick start guide and a 10-pack of ZINK sticker papers are located underneath.

The Prynt Pocket its self looks great, and is well built! Made with a grippy matte plastic, the device is great to hold due to its size and weight. It can hold a range of iPhones with an adjustable clamp system as long as those iPhones have a Lightning port. Once your iPhone of choice is inserted it will prompt you to download the Prynt App from the app store. The Prynt Pocket uses the zero ink range of print paper, ZINK. Loading the Prynt with the ZINK paper is quick and easy and can hold up to 10 sheets. Each pack of ZINK paper comes with a Blue Smartsheet that cleans the print head before it prints the next ten sheets.

Using the Prynt app is easy! With informative videos helping you through the set up of the app and use of the device, you can have an initial set-up within ten minutes. Once set up, the Prynt is as easy as plug in and play. With a built in scroller wheel to adjust zoom and a button to take shots the Prynt really makes your iPhone feel like an old school Polaroid camera.

Overall I think the Prynt Pocket is a great addition to any adventure. The form factor isn’t too big and bulky so it won’t clog up your EDC, and it’s nice to hold on to a physical image sometimes rather than seeing it on a screen. An amazing fusion of modern technology and, nostalgic photography, Prynt have really got something here.

Find the Prynt Pocket HERE
Find Prynt Pocket ZINK paper refills HERE