Proper Audio PA1 Wall-Mountable Speaker

From an acoustics perspective, a Bluetooth speaker can do better than sit on the nearest piece of furniture with a flat top surface. This concept, combined with the withholding of a battery, makes Proper Audio’s PA1 a little different than most Bluetooth units gracing these pages. Deceptively simple in style and function, PA1 sports just a single button to turn it on, off, and for Bluetooth pairing, with a memory that retains up to 5 devices. In terms of hardware, PA1 packs dual 20W drivers and a high pass tweeter – made possible thanks to the use of a power cord instead of batteries – all jammed within an attractive anodized aluminum housing. And, of course, we can’t overlook its selling point: it mounts securely to a wall or stand using the universal Wallee X-Lock mount disks, letting you install it in places optimal for filling a room with sound.

Hit up Kickstarter for deets – $150