Propel Star Wars Battle Quads

Ok, so the X-wing model isn’t quite as sleek as the real fictional thing, hence us not including it in the above crop. Still, Propel’s Star Wars Battle Quads are fast flying drones that legitimately dogfight, albeit with harmless lasers in the stead of deadly ones. The collection spans four iconic Star Wars vehicles — the Millennium Falcon, 74-Z Speeder bike, X-Wing Starfighter, and Tie Advanced X1 — each equipped with a reverse propulsion blade system underneath the chassis that propels (sorry) them to speeds of up to 37 miles per hour on the highest of three speed settings, effortlessly pulling off 360 aerial stunts at the push of a button. It’d be a shame to crash one, though, considering that each is hand-painted, numbered, certified, and ships in a collectable display box.

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