Pronto Fast-Charge Battery

Modern backup batteries often pack enough juice to top up your smartphone two to ten times over. Problem is they still take an eternity to charge up to full capacity. Power practical’s Pronto Fast-Charge Battery is designed specifically to remedy the long wait, instead storing enough power to fully charge an iPhone 5 (1,450 mAh) in five minutes flat, or charging to 100% capacity in one hour. It also comes in two sizes — the sleek Pronto 5 with 4,500 mAh capacity and the Pronto 12 with two USB outputs and 13,500 mAh capacity, i.e. enough to recharge an iPhone 5 nine times — refuels devices at USB’s maximum allowed rate, and boasts a hard-anodized aluminum case with two dials that display battery capacity and recharge rate. Plus, the Pronto 12 includes a 12V adapter output, letting you charge larger devices like laptops, camera batteries, and more.

Grab one on Kickstarter – $80