Preppi Prepster Black Luxury Survival Bag

Survival situations typically call for a modicum of humility. This, the Preppi Prepster Black Luxury Survival Bag blatantly refuses. Originally commissioned for Moda Operandi, the bag itself is crafted of bridle leather and coated canvas and encases enough stuff to get two people through 72 hours of just about anything without having to stoop down to living conditions of the 99%. Gear includes a night vision scope, a GPS communicator and locator beacon, solar panel charge kit, an Eton FRX4 solar/hand turbine emergency radio, a Leatherman multitool, a Petzl LED headlamp, a compact tent, two rain ponchos, two sleeping bags, a first aid kit, poker and backgammon game kits to kill time, some Mast Brothers chocolate, and a Caviar cooler case and serving set. And that’s only about half of what’s inside. They’ll also sell the rest of us a survival bag that’ll do a fine job at 1/13th the price, albeit without nearly as much extravagance.

Learn more at Preppi – $5,000