Prepd Pack Lunchbox

You may or may not realize it but controlling what you eat at lunchtime — whether it’s at work, school, or an outing — is by far the most challenging of the day’s three meals. The Prepd Pack Lunchbox aims to lend a hand in a way most insulated boxes couldn’t. This handsome lunchbox includes several nesting Tritan containers that stack nicely in your fridge and fit into the box itself in various combinations to accommodate the meals you’re prepping. When opened, the Pack’s cover doubles as an eating mat and reveals a set of full-sized magnetic cutlery (or chopsticks). And if you’re feeling uninspired by home-made lunches, their app simplifies meal planning for a full week at a time with a variety of recipes across all diet types and health goals, even creating a shopping list to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $50