Porsche Mission E Concept

It may be just a concept (at least for now), but if the Porsche Mission E is a sign of things to come, stating that we’re excited is a blatant understatement. The Mission E is as sustainable as it is sporty, powered by dual PSM electric motors — one per axle — that are in turn fed by a large lithium ion underbody battery working to keep the car’s center of gravity and weight distribution in check. Performance wise it’ll go 0 to 62 in less than three and a half seconds on its way to a top speed of over 155 mph, and that’s all while driving for 310 miles on a charge. Porsche evidently also has its sights set on Tesla, adorning the Mission E with a futuristic instrument panel, 80% charge 15 minutes, and a sleek design complete with suicide doors that open up to its four seat cabin.

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