Porlex Manual Ceramic Burr Grinders

Brewing great coffee entails giving your full attention to every single step along the way, since even a fancy $500+ machine can’t spare your espresso from a fate defined by poorly ground beans. And contrary to those of the mechanical variety, Porlex’ hand grinder makes very little noise as you turn its manual hand crank to grind up to 30 grams of beans. Porlex uses ceramic conical burrs that adjust from fine to coarse at the turn of a lock nut, resulting in superior longevity since they stay sharp longer, clean easier, and won’t ever rust. Else, they come in two varieties – tall and mini – both which fit inside an Aeropress, and work just as well in the kitchen as they do in the middle of nowhere.

Find it at either Stumptown CoffeeEight Ounce Coffee (Canada), or Amazon – $69