Pokémon GO

Few games stir up nostalgia like Pokémon — not to say there haven’t been plenty of releases since we first played Blue, and we’ve lost track of the official count. That said, Pokémon GO is the first to change up the way the game is played — and also the first that’s not on a dedicated Nintendo console or portable. Instead of stalking out rare Pokémon in a virtual digitized world Pokémon GO makes use of augmented reality to let you see them in your actual environment through your smartphone’s camera. Push notifications ping you about nearby Pokémon as you go about your daily commute, catchable with Poké Balls, if you react quickly enough. Different pocket monsters can be found near different landmarks — for instance water Pokémon near bodies of water — as well as various empty gyms ripe for the taking. And though it’s free to play a Pokémon GO Plus device makes it easier to catch ’em all by notifying you of events, for instance nearby Pokémon, and letting you simply press its button to catch them.

Find it on Google Play or the iOS App Store – $Free