Pocket Reel

Fishing on a whim isn’t really easier said than done – it’s nigh unattainable since, frankly, it’s less than practical to lug around a fishing rod in a backpack for the off chance you find a nice spot to cast a line. And for that reason Pocket Reel was invented. Weighing it at 3.25 ounces fully loaded, this tiny fishing kit packs away in a virtually indestructible thick-walled plastic tube that contains everything you need to catch fish, including 45 feet of 12lb fishing line, a 45 foot spool of big game line, four #8 fishing hooks, four sinkers, 10 synthetic maggots, a 3/4-inch bobber, two spinning lures, and a knot guide with directions. It also floats, offers a solid grip to reel in a decet catch, and is the perfect size to throw into a bag before an adventure, just in case.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $15+