Pliqo Garment Bag

Travelling with a suit, whether you’re wearing it or have it packed, is bound to result in some serious wrinkling. Frequent flyer Patrick Tatham thus came up with the Pliqo Garment Bag. While it’ll swallow your suit and folds down as small as a laptop bag, the Pliqo results in minimal creasing, decreasing the effort necessary to arrive at a remote meeting with fresh garb. Open, the bag has specific spots for your jacket and trousers plus small accessories (think tie and belt), and comes with a pair of magnet-equipped hangers that attach into Pliqo when not in use. It’s even got room for a laptop, classifying it as a laptop bag by most major airlines — which means you can carry it into the cabin alongside your traditional carry on.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $125