PlayStation 4 Pro

We don’t have a 4K TV just yet, but we don’t need one to appreciate the shame of playing 1080p games on such a capable display — and worse, having to wait until the next generation consoles to do so. But if you do have one, the PlayStation 4 Pro is the answer. While it unfortunately won’t play 4K Blu-ray disks (normal Blu-ray works) it will support sharp 4K gaming as well as 4K streaming. All PS4 games are compatible regardless of whether they’re PS4 Pro Enhanced, and many older games (retroactively applied by developer-dispatched updates) will benefit of some form of enhanced visuals, resolution increases, or better frame rates, several of which are noticeable even without a 4K television. And you can get one way before Christmas.

Arriving November 10th. Preorder at Amazon – $400