Pillsy Smart Pill Bottle

You don’t need to be on crucially important prescription medication to appreciate the Pillsy Smart Pill Bottle since it’s just as easy to forget vitamins, minerals, or your kid’s dose of Ritalin. The way it works is simple and foolproof (short of counting the pills left in the bottle to make sure you’ve really taken it): an App lets you set notifications to remind you to take your pill, and the Bluetooth-connected Pillsy cap knows when the bottle’s been opened or not. This means that it’ll keep you from accidentally doubling your dose, and will keep reminding you as long as the dose hasn’t been taken, though Smart Snooze functionality can delay the reminders until you’re once again back at home and in range of the bottle. An LED and speaker helps the bottle itself serve reminders if your smartphone isn’t nearby, and it comes in two versions: an amber child-resistant vial as well as a simple twist-off vitamin bottle.

Find it at Pillsy – $40