Piggyback Rider

Let’s face it – kids are lazy and self-centered. “Feed me, hug me, love me”, their list of selfish demands goes on seemingly forever. But thanks to the Piggyback Rider, when they say “carry me”, you’re covered. This lightweight child carrier has a mounted foot bar so your little one can ride on your back without breaking it. The rider supports children up to 60lbs and is as easy as a backpack to don, complete with a safety harness and integrated handles keep your child firmly attached and able to see the world from a grown-up height. Not only is the child comfortable, but so are parents thanks to a foam comfort core, ergonomic weight distribution, and the availability of multiple models to accommodate specific adult needs, including some with integrated hydration and boosted carrying capacity. Wear one and your toddler’s likely to be a little less of a pain in the neck.

Pick one up on Amazon – $85+