Piaggio Gita Personal Cargo Droid

Piaggio, the Italian company known for the Vespa Scooter synonymous with transport in many European countries, is trying their hand at a similarly-styled product that’s both a hell of a lot more high tech and more niche: the Gita Personal Cargo Droid. The 26-inch tall spherical drone rolls along on two large wheels and follows you (wearing a tracking device) autonomously thanks to a battery of cameras and sensors, dodging obstacles, climbing sidewalks, and even attaining speeds of up to 22 miles per hour if you’re on a bike and in a hurry. More importantly it can carry 40 pounds of stuff — groceries, gold bricks, whatever — to spare you the need of carrying it yourself. A biometric lock on its cargo door won’t open to thieving passerbys without your exact fingerprint (or a crow bar) and its battery can keep it rolling for up to eight hours on a charge.

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