PG Bugatti Bike

Its name seems unassuming, unless you know who Bugatti is — and you do. The PG Bugatti Bike is a collaboration between the maker of the world’s fastest production car and German high-end bike manufacturer PG. It lays the carbon fiber down heavy since precisely 95% of it is made of the stuff, which shows through its paint job regardless of color — and there are several, including blue, black, and even color combinations such as blue and black to match the Chiron. Notably, it’s the lightest special urban bike in the world at a paltry 5kg (11 pounds). It’s also equipped with a vertical shock absorption bar in the handlebars to improve comfort and is aero optimized throughout for high-speed riding, though we’re not convinced its owners plan to do much of that with it. Only 667 will be built, so act fast if your Veyron or Chiron need a two-wheeled companion.

Find it at PG – $39,000