Pen Uno

Ensso’s Pen Uno is about as minimal as it gets. This ultra thin pen measures just 5.3mm (7/32 inches) in diameter yet remains easy to grip and hold thanks to a barrel that also smoothly twists to extend and protect the pen’s tip when not in use. Both the pen body and barrel are machined of space-grade aluminum and come anodized in five colors — black, space grey, red, gold, and rose gold. It also uses the Hi-Tec-C Coleto gel ink, which is identical in every way to the Hi-Tec-C cartridges we’re familiar with (including colors and nib widths) minus the fact that the reservoir is slimmer. Plus, for an extra ten bones, it’ll come alongside a conversion kit to transform the pen into a standard 0.5mm mechanical pencil.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $30