Pedal Power Big Rig

Bicycle technology is nearly 97% efficient, so why only use it to annoy drivers and in the X games? That’s the question the folks at Pedal Power asked before they invented the Big Rig. How does it work? Pedal. This multifunction machine can provide power to nearly anything you can hook a chain or belt pulley on that requires 1 hp or less. While your two horses shouldn’t use the device, one human can put out 1/3 horsepower, giving the Big Rig a multitude of uses, such as an electric generator, water pump, air compressor, hydraulic press, food processor, and the list goes on. A built in ergonomic seat with quick adjustments, smooth pedaling, gearing options a steel frame, and adjustable work table make using it comfortable for any application. An average adult can generate 100 watts of electricity via the optional electric generator that can be mounted to the frame, more than enough to power your laptop and get some work done all while shedding off a few holiday pounds.

Head to Kickstarter for more info – $2,000