Pebble Core

The brand’s first non-smartwatch product frees you from having to exercise with a big, fragile slab of glass in your pocket. Pebble Core is not unlike an iPod Shuffle except that it’s packed with far more functionality. Slip in a Micro-SIM card and it can stream straight from Spotify or send an emergency SMS with your location if you’re in a pinch. A built-in GPS unit tracks your location to provide pace, distance, location, and compatibility with exercise apps such as Runkeeper, Strava, and many others. It’s also Bluetooth enabled (though it sports an 3.5mm aux port for your wired headphones too), boasts 4GB of storage to download your playlist if you’d rather not stream or put in a SIM card, and offers about 9 hours of battery life on a charge. And it connects seamlessly with your Pebble watch to make controlling your music or checking your running stats as easy as looking at your wrist.

Find it at Kickstarter – $70