Pebble 2 Smartwatch

There’s a reason the Pebble is amongst the best selling smartwatches. Numerous reasons, actually, including 100 feet of water resistance, iOS and Android compatibility, 7-day battery life thanks to an e-paper display, and a price that’s a hell of a lot more wallet-friendly than most. The Pebble 2 Smartwatch (far left) is all of those things and a few more. Notifications and calendars, the latter in the form of an intuitive timeline, are just a glance away, and the 2 is also a better fitness tracker than before with an integrated heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, Pebble Core (shown, middle) compatibility, and activity tracking with automatic activity classification, all wrapped up in Pebble’s Health app. One-Click Actions are also new, providing a set of customizable tasks on your watch that let you automatically order your favorite meal, hail an Uber, or send a preset text to a preset person with just a click. Also available in a Time 2 variant (far right) with the same features and a full metal enclosure.

Check it out in five colors at Kickstarter – $100