Paxis Pax

Access. It’s the one thing most backpacks lack (without of course taking them off), except perhaps to the gear packed in their tiny shoulder strap pockets. The Paxis Pax changes that thanks to ARC swing tech, which lets its “shuttle pod” — or the bottom third of the pack — swing out in front of you with a pull of a handle and a quick reach around. Fill the pod with a camera, snacks, fishing gear, or a multitude of other stuff you need to keep handy, and access it in an instant any time. The Pax is also highly water-resistant thanks to its NYLAR Ballistic Fabric construction, boasts an ergonomic padded and vented back, a hydration port, and a tripod/ski/fishing pole pocket. And while the stuff in its larger top segment is only accessible when you take off the bag, a bit of clever packing can minimize this need altogether.

Learn more at Paxis Pax – $240 to $275