Pascal Press Coffee Maker

At first glance, the Pascal Press looks like a standard portable French press. But that’s until you take it apart and use it. Instead of using a simple plunger to compress grinds down to the base of a single chamber, Pascal Press is more of a hybrid mix of a French press, moka pot and aeropress: pour in the grinds as you normally would a french press, then the boiling water, and wait a minute. After, press the inner chamber down over the outer one to use air pressure and force the coffee — and only the coffee — through a 200 micron stainless steel filter and up a flow tube into the cup, from which you can drink right out of with no risk of over-extraction. It’s also double wall insulated to stay hot longer, completely leak proof, and brews quickly in about a minute.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $35