Partly Cloudy

You’re running late. You’ve got plans with your friends after work to chill outdoors. You pull down Notification center on your iPhone and glance quickly at the weather forecast, which promises a cool but mostly clear evening in the form of a tiny, generic sun-and-clouds icon. It deceived you, and come evening, you and your friends end up soaked inside a movie theatre watching a film none of you really wanted to see. Should have checked out the Partly Cloudy app. Mastering in specificity, Partly Cloudy actually tells you the type and amount of precipitation, the temperature, and the wind force expected by the hour. The cherry on top is its charming, stylized clock dial-esque display. For time, just follow the outermost ring of the clock, and for temperature, follow the next colorful (orange to blue, depending on the temperature fluctautions) ring over. You can discover the weather for every hour of the day (or every day of the week) simply by turning the clock’s hand. On your part, guesswork and interpretation are a thing of the past; now it’s up to the weather centers and their often lousy predictions.

Learn more at their website or get it directly at the App Store – 1$.