Parrot Disco Drone

It’s not a quadcopter but Parrot’s Disco Drone is no less capable. It’s so easy to fly you could be devoid of reflexes and still master takeoff: just mount the wings to its body and throw it in the air. It connects to the Parrot ecosystem using WiFi, controlled with their Skycontroller or the Flight Plan app from your smart device. Three-axis digital stabilization plus autopilot mode make it a cinch to fly and a 14-megapixel camera embedded in its nose also shoots 1080p video while live streaming what it sees directly to you. And when flight time is over, hit a button and its GPS return home functionality brings it in, landing it safely to boot. There is also an FPV version allowing you to get a first person view of what the Disco Drone can see. The best way to enjoy drone flying! Available now with prices starting at $699.99.