Ziv’s Portable Smoker

It’s known that smoking food dates back to the times of primitive cavemen. Technology has become slightly more advanced since the times of caveman but Ziv’s Portable Smoker produces the same flavor and preservation, for your enjoyment. This is the first foldable portable smoker, coming in a briefcase so it’s super easy to carry and transport. This smoker works with any heat source such as a gas stove,…



Cor Surf Quick-Dry Robe

Being in the water is great fun until you get out and it’s suddenly a bit chilly. Towels get wet very quickly and don’t really keep the heat in, but now with Cor Surf, you can be warm and dry as soon as you leave the water. Not only this, but you can change your bathing suit in complete privacy under this clever poncho. Made from soft and…



Ahead Smart Device

Staying connected whilst on the go can sometimes be an issue. Having a device that you could use to play your favorite music, surface, talk to friends, and even use navigation devices is something a lot of go getters long for. Well now Ahead is here to save the day, with their communication device for helmets. Ahead transforms any helmet to a smart helmet in a snap and…



Flex Safe Bag

Nobody likes the idea of being robbed, especially whilst on holiday or at the beach. For this reason, Aqua Vault has created a light weight, slash resistant safe that’s perfect to protect all your valuables wherever you go. This product is made with security in mind, so it’s design has a built in motion sensor, a waterproof charger, RFID blocking, ultra slash resistant and a convenient strap system….



TVAN MK5 Camper Trailer

Tvan has been producing outstanding products since 1999, but they’ve just released the trailer to beat all trailers. The Tvan MK5 has exceptional off road capabilities, improved living spaces, a new ‘2 min set up’ awning, family friendly extensions, a lighter design and that’s just a few of its best features. Widely acclaimed by not only current Tvan owners but journalists and explorers too, praising Tvan for its…



Flash Smart Electric Bike

This isn’t any electric bike. Flash raises the bar in bike security, safety, and intelligence. With this bike, you can travel up to 50 miles on just one charge using the 500-watt motor and 36V internal battery. If pedaling becomes a bit tiring, you have the option to twist the throttle for a quick burst of power. With a top speed of 28mph, you’ll be able to get…

GET IT HERE - $2000


HVRNT Stand Tall Hatchet

You’ll be the coolest man in the woods with the Stand Tall Hatchet, made by HVRNT. It has a hand drawn illustration wood burned into the handle which makes everyone, beautifully unique. The head of this hatchet is newer and broader than before with a right-hand bevel meaning it’s ready to prepare any campfire kindling or fix any shelter in an instant. The head also has a painted…




The most innovative hydration device yet! The Wetsleeve, is not only convenient but also very comfortable. It has a roll top closure system, leak proof technology, 350ml capacity, FDA approved, silicone mouthpiece and is suitable for water or any sports drink of your choice. The sleeve itself is lightweight, durable and breathable meaning it’s perfect for any sport even water sports. Find it HERE



Thousand Epoch Collection Helmets

When riding a bike, the number one rule is ‘always wear a helmet’, but most helmets are ugly and uncomfortable and as a result don’t get worn meaning the protection isn’t there. However, Thousand Helmets have thankfully created a stylish and super safe helmet that’s perfect for the modern urban explorer. This helmet has a Secret Poplock System that lets you leave your helmet safely secured to your…



Driftsun Transparent Kayak

Kayaking is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, you only get to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature above the waterline and not the world that is teeming with life underwater. However, with the Driftsun Transparent Kayak, you can now enjoy a full 360-degree view of nature’s splendor, side to side, top to bottom. Made of clear and rugged highly durable polycarbonate, its…

GET IT HERE - $1,599


Thermacell MR-BP Backpacker Mosquito Repeller

You and your fellow campers could apply Traditional mosquito repellant every few hours to keep bugs away. Or just fire up a Thermacell MR-BP Backpacker Mosquito Repeller. This compact, lightweight device screws on top of a standard camping gas canister and sips on fuel to heat up its repelling ingredient, creating a 15 by 15 foot protection zone around you. Even a small 4 oz. canister will net you…

GET IT: $40

Food & Drink

C4 Portable Grill

Built like an ammo can only that it’s (fortunately) about 1-inch wider, the C4 Portable Grill is an on-the-go grilling machine that’ll put up with just about anything your adventures throw at it. It’s made of heavy duty 12 gauge steel, runs on charcoal or wood, and flips open to reveal an 84 square inch cooking surface — enough for a couple of burgers at a time, half a…

GET IT: $120


Tinger Track ATV

Nothing wrong with traditional ATVs and their wheels, but should they not get you where you want to go try hopping on a Tinger Track ATV instead. Tinger’s C500 boasts 500mm tracks that put little pressure on the ground and are backed by reinforced long-travel suspension to make for a comfortable ride, even over rough terrain and at speeds of up to 22 mph. It drives and functions just like a standard ATV…



Sea x Sky Packable Waterproof Backpack

Big enough to hold a day trip’s worth of gear while remaining compressible and light enough to literally fit in your pocket when empty, the Sea x Sky Packable Waterproof Backpack is one item you’ll likely want to bring along on your next multi-day adventure. Its lightweight Cordura fabric is completely waterproof, complemented with an also-waterproof roll-top closure system to turn its main 24 litre storage compartment into a literal submersible dry…

GET IT: $54


Scorkl Handheld Scuba Tank

It’s not quite as small or sleek as Bond’s breather in Thunderbolt, but the Scorkl Handheld Scuba Tank has the benefit of being real — and refillable. Scorkl’s basically a shrunk-down Scuba cylinder strapped to a breathe-on-demand regulator, with an integrated pressure gauge to tell you how much air is left. So bite down and dive in for up to ten minutes of air, with the feel of snorkelling without…

GET IT: ~$200


Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag

Take your beach lounging to the next level with the Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag. This unique creation mashes together a bean bag and a beach towel, lining the towel’s 100% cotton fabric with a waterproof nylon backing that keeps out sand and invites you to jump on even when soaking wet right after a dip. It comes in several colors and two sizes — Junior and Boss, the latter twice…

GET IT: $70+


TrailNest Roof Top Hammock

Hammock camping is convenient because they set up far faster than family tents. The TrailNest Roof Top Hammock sets up even quicker since you don’t need to worry about hunting down two perfectly-spaced out trees. The TrailNest mounts to your car’s roof rack and deploys its two arms in an instant. Then, connect whatever fancy hammock setup you’ve got going on, with or without a rain fly and bug net (but hopefully with). While…

GET IT: $350


Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler

The Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler doesn’t just keep its contents cool: it’ll can keep you feeling refreshed in the dead of summer, too. By default it functions like a passive 50 quart cooler with an oversized handle, large wheels for trailing along, and a storage compartment for valuables. But it can also double as an portable air conditioner, cooling the surrounding air using the ice inside. Since it’s Ryobi it’ll…

GET IT: $200


Whippet Folding Bicycle

Designed by cycling lovers for like-minded commuters, the British-made Whippet Folding Bicycle collapses a bit differently as compared to more traditional folders. For one, it boasts dual oval 25CrMo4 tubes for its frame that nestle around the front wheel when folded, compressing down to about 30% of its original volume for rolling around on its real wheel (instead of having to lift the 25 pound bike en route to the office)…



Biki Underwater Fish Drone

If it doesn’t look anything like your typical drone, that’s because it isn’t. First and foremost, the Biki Underwater Fish Drone explores seas, not skies, and does so while foregoing propellers for a more natural-looking caudal tail fin that propels the drone to 1.12 mph while remaining rather silent. It’ll dive to a maximum depth of nearly 200 feet, with dual 114 lumen spotlights to illuminate its path and…

GET IT: $550+


Preppi Prepster Black Luxury Survival Bag

Survival situations typically call for a modicum of humility. This, the Preppi Prepster Black Luxury Survival Bag blatantly refuses. Originally commissioned for Moda Operandi, the bag itself is crafted of bridle leather and coated canvas and encases enough stuff to get two people through 72 hours of just about anything without having to stoop down to living conditions of the 99%. Gear includes a night vision scope, a GPS communicator and locator…



Survival Axe Elite

Half axe, half oversized multitool, Innovation Factory’s Survival Axe Elite should prove plenty useful even if you don’t need to chop wood. A replaceable 6-inch sawzall blade flips out of its glass-filled nylon handle, which also integrates a hardened steel glass breaker and seat belt cutter — so maybe leave this one in your glove box in its included leather sheath. Otherwise the head of the axe packs even more…

GET IT: $80


Matador NanoDry Trek Towel

Surprisingly big when unfurled yet surprisingly small when not, the Matador NanoDry Trek Towel is tailor-made for travelling or impromptu outings to the beach. Pop it out of its silicone travel case and shake it a couple of times to reveal its full 24- by 47-inch dimensions. The towel’s made of nanofiber that holds precisely 2.3 times its weight in water, dries quick, and boasts a gold-coat antimicrobial layer that…

GET IT: $35


SupFlex BigSUP

Stand up paddle boards are typically for one rider. The comically large SupFlex BigSUP, on the other hand, holds up to ten. Fortunately it’s inflatable so it’ll actually fit in your car deflated and rolled, with two valves and two double action hand pumps to hasten the process and a fully rigid body once fully filled. Thanks to its 4’11” width, 18′ length, and three removable fins it’s (unsurprisingly) quite stable,…

GET IT: $2,500