Orbitkey 2.0

Since the advent of crowdfunding we’ve seen dozens of options for taming your cluster of keys. Now our personal favorite is back with a slew of improvements in the form of Orbitkey 2.0. While the original was already thin, the new version boasts a slimmer profile as well as more durable stainless steel hardware, a better curved D-Ring that won’t scrape the straps, nicer bands — amongst them stronger and more luxurious cushioned leather bands — and both a smaller USB 3.0 flash drive and a freshly designed swing-out large multi tool with six tools, including (crucially) a bottle opener. Each fits between two and seven keys, completely silencing their jingling and keeping them all in line in your pocket. Available in several colors of rubber, leather, and all-new canvas, the latter in olive or navy.

Find it at Kickstarter – $22+