Orbiter Spinner

We love creative work, but it inevitably pushes us to an anxious, fidgety state while waiting for ideas to spontaneously manifest themselves. For this fidget devices were invented, and the Orbiter Spinner is a departure from the typical types. The two part Orbiter includes a steel ball and a machined titanium base, both fitted with powerful neodymium magnets that keep them together. To spin it, push the ball out of the concave finger hole and to the edge (like the right half of the above photo), then pinch the base with your index and thumb and oscillate slightly (this video shows it in action). It’ll also function as a top and a no friction trackball for keeping your hands busy in other ways, and weighs less than two ounces thanks to its titanium build so you’ll frequently want to keep one in your pocket.

Find it at Cool Material – $65