Oqloq Clock

Wrestling with time management is a lifelong battle for most. Here to help is Edelkrone’s Oqloq, a 24 hour clock that lets you map out the activities you’d like to dedicate time to — for instance, a workout, side project, or just sleep — by way of colored groovetubes that are to be trimmed and affixed around the clock’s border to gently prompt you to partake in each given activity as the hour marker passes over it. Three colors come included, though you’re also free to leave parts blank to signify free time. Its wall attachment anchor auto levels it via gravity and makes for easy removal should you need to carry it to another room in the house while its minimal white face begs to be customized with, for example, extra lines, dots, or words to show other time zones.

Preorder at Edelkrone – $100