Opinel N°09 DIY Yellow Pocket Knife

Opinel’s N°09 DIY Yellow Pocket Knife is the tool you didn’t know you needed in your utility belt. With a yellow handle made of fiberglass reinforce polyamide, it’s humidity proof and better at absorbing shocks and drops than plastic or metal for longevity in harsh conditions. Small slits on either side of the handle hold two bits — both a flat head and a Phillips — with a magnetized bit driver on the tail end of its handle that lets the knife double as a screwdriver. Its 3.15-inch Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade comes equipped with a wire cutter and stripper for emergency electrical work. And to make sure you don’t accidentally slice a finger off, the tool comes equipped with Opinel’s classic Virobloc safety ring, which allows you to lock the blade open while performing on the fly surgery, or lock it shut to make sure it doesn’t cut a hole right through your pocket or bag.

Learn more at Opinel or grab one at Amazon – $26