Onnit x Marvel Iron Man Kettlebell

The Kettlebell’s design — a handle sticking out of a big hunk of metal — makes it rife for interesting customizations not possible with other workout equipment. We’ve seen others, but the Onnit x Marvel Iron Man Kettlebell is particularly fitting considering it’s made up of 40 pounds of cast iron in the shape of Iron Man’s helmet. Despite its aesthetics it functions just like a traditional (and more boring) ball-shaped kettlebell, and features a chip-resistant coating that won’t scuff even if your lose your grip and drop/throw it (same probably can’t be said for the floor). While it’s currently the only kettlebell in the Onnit x Marvel lineup we reckon their Captain America Shield barbell plates, available in weighs of up to 45 lbs, are worth a gander as well for die-hard comic book fans who pump iron at home.