Onewheel Electric Skateboard

To this day the Segway’s single-axis balancing act still impresses us, but the vehicle itself is rather large, not to mention costlier than we’d like. Enter Onewheel, an equally – if not more – impressive skateboard that’s built around a single, central wheel, seemingly impossibly. Armed with motion sensors and sophisticated balancing algorithms, Onewheel reacts intuitively to your every move, accelerating (to speeds of up to 12mph) and braking as you lean forward or backwards. It’s also built rugged thanks to a CNC machined aluminum frame fitted with a durable Canadian maple deck, attains a range of up to 6 miles per charge of its lithium nano-phosphate battery, and minimizes risk of component failure by employing just one moving part: its lone wheel.

Learn more on Kickstarter – $1,300