One World Futbol Project

Football (we’ll go for the non-American definition) is enjoyed around the world as a sport of skill, endurance and fair play. You can tell how fair people think it is by the number of fans cursing and spitting on each other when watching. If only there were a way to play after a rowdy crowd has left with the only ball FIFA has sanctioned. Enter the One World Futbol. This ball can survive even the harshest environments (for instance, actual football matches), never needs air, and never goes flat, even when punctured. It’s designed to the same dimensions and weight as a standard ball but has less bounce for play on untraditional surfaces, like streets, rocky landscapes, dirt, plus of course grass and turf, and will easily last hundreds of times longer.

Read more at One World Futbol – $40 for two balls: one for you, one for children in need so they won’t need to play with this (img)