ONAK Foldable Canoe

Kayaks are unwieldy things. Canoes, even more so, limiting their ownership potential to just those who have room to store these ultra-long watercraft. The ONAK Foldable Canoe solves this problem by doing what its name says, packing down to a case on wheels that’s easy to roll along or even stash in the trunk of a car with drop-down back seats. It’s made of a Honeycomb Curv Polypropylene that’s highly buoyant and can be folded and unfolded thousands of times before weakening, forming a stiff canoe that sets up in about ten minutes — once you know what you’re doing. Taking it down is even faster, and a pair of adjustable paddles (optional, or bring your own) will fit in the case alongside the canoe.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $1,100+