Ollie Collapsible Chair

A new kind of collapsible chair, the Ollie combines a unique articulated aluminum body that’s contoured with a flexible slatted wood tambour to form a chair resembling a small bench of sorts. Ollie unfurls from its 2.25-inch thin folded form to a full-sized, comfortable chair in an instant, and collapses back down with a pull of the handle and string on its back, eliminating the slight hassle of folding and making it straightforward to store or even hang on a wall. Its tambour defaults to plain teak but can be customized with felt, distressed paint, or with WhIsBe’s Vandal Gummy Bear art in four colors. And perhaps best of all the chair doesn’t compromise on ergonomics despite its foldability, with a lumbar-supporting contour that makes prolonged sitting, dare we say, pleasurable.

Find it at Kickstarter – $300