OLIVERS Convoy Tee

Advances in technology are trickling down into the clothing you rock everyday, not just the phone in your pocket or that smartwatch on your wrist. OLIVERS Apparel is harnessing such advances with its simple, smartly designed Convoy Tee, made out of 100 percent merino wool and built to wick sweat while fitting slim and comfortably. It’s built in the same vein as the brand’s 5-Pocket Pant or Base Henley — that is, well-crafted and versatile. Available in two neutral colors, the Convoy Tee would work for nearly any situation you can think of, from wearing under a slim blazer for a laidback-yet-cool day at the office, to traveling crosscountry. That includes spring and summer hikes and daily workouts, too. For the price, getting one tee that can do it all isn’t a bad deal.

Grab one at OLIVERS Apparel – $68