Odyssey O-Works Microhinge Putter

You’ve eliminated your hook, corrected your slice, and can spank a ball 250 yards. But if you want to really lower that handicap, remember what Bobby Locke said: “Drive for show, putt for dough.” And since getting the ball to the hole isn’t the same as getting it in the hole, that’s where Odyssey O-Works Microhinge Putter putters come in. They stand out from other clubs thanks to Microhinge Inserts on the putter face that are basically tiny, flexible metal protrusions that bend in when the ball is struck and react by pushing back out, adding topspin and roll to each stroke. They’re offered in a range of blade and mallet configurations to suit players of all types and are said to increase path consistency in the majority of golfers who try them thanks to both high-contrast alignment lines and heavier, counterbalanced heads, so if you’re in the market give these a go.

Learn more at Odyssey Golf – $230