Octospot Dive Camera

Your GoPro in its enclosure can survive depths of about 130 to 197 feet, depending on the model. Need to go deeper? You’re out of luck since no mainstream action cams can do much better. Enter the Octospot Dive Camera, which goes to 656 feet without breaking a sweat — or the need for a case. Engineered by divers, this action camera is made of anodized aluminum plus polycarbonate and employs just two buttons for controls to ensure that you can start recording with gloves on (with vibration feedback to know it’s been activated). Sensors log depth and temperature throughout your dive, also automatically adjusting white balance to maintain accurate colors as you go deeper. It’s also got a 2 hour long battery, a half-inch screen on its tail end that displays recording information, and shoots 4K Ultra HD video. And it works just as well above water.

Read more at Kickstarter – $369