Ochs Und Junior Annual Calendar

Sporting a face that’s simultaneously convoluted yet extremely minimal, Ochs Und Junior’s Annual Calendar is far more functional than most high caliber timepieces. This sleek wristwatch runs on a mechanicalĀ ETA 2824-2 movement and features niceties such as a 38 hour power reserve, water resistance to 50 meters, non-reflective sapphire crystal, and a 39- or 42-mm milled titanium case. What makes it truly unique, though, is its dial that simultaneously displays date, month, and weekday, each in smooth circular motion, a stunning feat accomplished using only three additional moving parts. Even more amazing, as its name might suggest, the Annual Calendar needs only one date adjustment per year – in February – otherwise foreseeing every 30 or 31 day month with ease.

Learn more at Ochs Und Junior – roughly $8,200+