Nora Smart Snoring Solution

If you snore, you’re obnoxious. Sure, you don’t mean to, but that doesn’t help your partner who wakes up 40 times a night thinking there’s a bear next to them. Enter the Nora Smart Snoring Solution. When you sleep, your upper throat muscles relax which reduces your airway, in turn causing vibrations which manifest themselves as snoring. Nora senses those vibrations caused by your lazy throat muscles and triggers a silent, non-invasive padded pillow insert that moves your head ever so slightly, stopping snoring before it starts. The 3-piece system is comprised of a sensor, a padded insert and a mini-pump. The sensor is placed near your bed, the pad under or in your pillow and the pump on the floor. Nora even comes with an app that allows you to view your sleep statistics, like time quiet, times Nora kicked into gear, and even downloads for your doctor.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $200