Noke Bluetooth Padlock

Experts tell us that it takes 30 repetitions for the human brain to remember a given sequence of data. Human experience tells us that 30 minutes is enough time to forget said sequence. If you’ve ever forgotten a combination to a lock or misplaced a key – and who hasn’t? – Noke is the answer. Noke is the first Bluetooth padlock and the first padlock you can share. Using its iOS or Android app, Noke finds and pairs your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. Then, unlock Noke at the touch of the lock’s shackle: just have your phone within 10 feet of your lock, without having to launch its app or even pull your phone out of your pocket. The app also allows for sharing the lock permanently, one-time, or anything in between. Even if your phone battery dies you’re not locked out, since Noke allows a custom access code to be programmed for access anytime, inputted by pressing on the shackle in a sort of Morse code. And since the technical prowess of a lock is moot if it can’t stand up to abuse, Noke is water-resistant, made of hardened steel and boron, and lasts up to a year on a single battery.

Find it at Kickstarter – $59