Nitecore LA10 Camp Light

On their site, Nitecore LA10 Camp Light is described as lipstick-shaped. We’ll just swap that out with lip balm-shaped instead. But whatever your preference, this pocket-sized stick is plenty handy, with a diffuser that extends out for full 360 degree illumination at a twist of the grip on its lower end, lighting up areas of about 10 metres in diameter. The waterproof body’s construction is from aluminum alloy and a turn of its tail cap (behind the grip) turns the light on or off, also adjusting through three brightness levels that go up to 135 lumens on the high setting. This tail cap is also magnetic to stick to metal surfaces and the light runs on a single easily obtainable AA battery, so it’s unlikely to ever be without power for long.

Learn more at Nitecore or grab one at Battery Junction – $25 [via]