Ninebot One Self Balancing Scooter

Smaller than a Segway but no less conspicuous, the Ninebot One Self Balancing Scooter is an easy to ride scooter — minus the steering column and second wheel — that may soon zip you around your city. Powering Ninebot One is a large electric battery providing enough juice to hit speeds of 13.5 mph over a range of up to 22 miles, turning and accelerating fluidly as you naturally lean to guide it. Like any self-respecting road vehicle it’s also weather resistant and features built-in lights, the color of which are customizable using an accompanying app on a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. And once you’ve arrived, its pedals fold in and a handle pops out, letting you lug it inside like a 30 pound briefcase.

Check it out at Amazon – $680 to $930