Nikola One Semi

It’s got no relation to Tesla Motors except for the individual inspiring its name. And perhaps in craziness and vision. The Nikola One Semi is powered at each of its six wheels by electric motors producing a total 2,000 horsepower and 3,700 lb-ft of torque — several times more power than conventional big rigs to blast up inclines with ease — and features fuel saving features like regenerative breaking, zero idling, and an aerodynamic design. Since modern batteries still aren’t capacious enough to pull large, heavy trailers for long distances, they’re instead refuelled as its being driven by a turbine that’s powered by either diesel, gasoline, or clean burning natural gas, running for about 1,200 miles between fill-ups. It’s also equipped with a larger cabin thanks to the absence of a large diesel engine up front that’s got two full sized beds, a fridge and freezer, desk, microwave, television, and other luxuries. The goal is a truck that’s far cheaper to run than the norm, and although we won’t be preordering one just yet we’re curious to see where this goes.

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