Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm

Nest Learning Thermostat made us actually think – and care – about the device that regulates our home’s temperature. Much in the same way, Nest Protect is a major upgrade over your current smoke detector. Nest Protect tackles numerous issues and annoyances that plague existing detectors in that it reduces false alarms by warning you via speech and a yellow light (that your burnt toast is about to set it off), keeps you updated via push notifications on your smartphone in the event of smoke or fire, and eliminates the need for a chair to silence it – just wave your hand directly underneath to hush. Nest Protect also detects odorless but extremely dangerous carbon monoxide, communicates with other Nest units to tell you exactly where the problem is, and goes as far as to shut off your gas furnace to cut potential fuel leaks if you’ve got one of their thermostats installed.

Read more at Nest or grab one at Amazon – $100