Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest’s cameras have been guarding the inside of houses since their release last year. But perhaps you’ve got something of value outside your house as well — like sitting in your driveway —  and for that there’s now the Nest Cam Outdoor. Install one (or several) easily all by yourself; all it takes is a wireless connection to your home’s WiFi, a single cord that runs to a power outlet, and either a bit of drilling or a metallic surface using its custom magnetic mount. You’ve then got 24/7 live video streaming in 1080p both day and night, with alerts on your phone if the cam detects suspicious activity. It’s also got two-way audio so you can hear and talk back, either 10 or 30 day video history that saves everything, just in case, and eight high-power infrared LEDs that illuminate darkness for a clear view of up to 20 feet away even in complete darkness.

Find it at Nest – $200