Nervous System Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

Perhaps best reserved as a gift for your worst enemy, Nervous System’s Infinite Galaxy Puzzle is a bit unique as far as puzzles go considering it has no edges, no beginning, and no end. That’s because it maps out to the impossible shape of a Klein Bottle: that’s to say the pieces fitting on one side also fit on the other if you flip them over. It doesn’t help that the puzzle is adorned with a rather difficult-to-orient image of our galactic center snapped with the Hubble observatory, which is also continuous from one side to the other, making it completely impossible to ever complete the puzzle in its entirety since part of the image is behind the pieces. Fortunately it’s only made with 133 pieces, a few which include novelty pieces of an astronaut, a space probe, and a space shuttle.

Find it at Nervous System – $100