NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone

We won’t get too critical of traditional ceramic baking stones: after all, they’ve worked to make delicious, crispy pizzas for quite some centuries. But despite arguments in favor of ceramic due to moisture retention or the fact that it attains higher heat levels, it turns out that metal’s much higher thermal conductivity actually serves your pizza well, especially at the temperatures your home oven can attain (but don’t take our word for it, check out Serious Eats’ J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s experiments). NerdChef’s Steel Pizza Stone is made of steel that’s bead blasted, sanded to a smooth finish, and seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, the latter chosen for its high smoke point. You’ll need to treat it like a cast iron pan since it’s not stainless, but it’ll reward you for your efforts with perfectly baked pizza and crispy crusts. Unlike traditional stones it’s also completely unbreakable, and it comes in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch thicknesses that increase in weight (and cost).