Native Union Eclipse

Even the best thought-out charging stations are a mess in comparison to the Native Union Eclipse. Truthfully it’s a USB hub, but it’s both better looking and more organized, with three USB ports and engineered channels for the three cables — up to 8 feet long each — that you’ll stash within. It comes with a braided power cable, can be installed on a table or mounted to a wall, and outputs 2.4A from each of its three USB ports, the third of which can be converted into a USB-C port (at 3A) at the push of a switch. And the best part: touch Eclipse’s wooden upper surface and it rises to give access to its cables, simultaneously emitting a subtle halo of light from its base; tap it again to retract. Available in two colors: taupe with walnut and marine with cherry wood.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $50+