Native Union Cosmos Cables

Native Union makes plenty of fancy charging accessories, notably the ten foot long weighted Night Cable that we use daily. The Native Union Cosmos Cable Collection isn’t just a re-skin of their existing cables, though it’s certainly that, too, with a dark, Terrazzo-inspired color pattern made of interwoven tones of grey and white. Perhaps more importantly though the cables boast DuPont Kevlar fiber underneath the tough nylon braided exterior as well as an O-Flex strain-relieving design at the connector joint, all-in-all making them several-fold more durable than traditional charge cables that tend to eventually fray with heavy use. Models include a Cosmos Night Cable (shown, right), a keychain-sized Key Cable (center), a portable Belt Cable (left) with a small leather belt to keep it tidy in your bag, and a Belt Cable XL which wraps up like the smaller one but is ten feet long.

Learn more at Native Union – $25 to $40 each